The Story

"Isbjørnen" translated to "The Polar Bear"

Polar Bear is founded by Michael Lund Petersen

Since his early days growing up in Skovshoved, Denmark, Michael Lund Petersen has been called “Isblønrnen” – translated “The Polar Bear”.

As a founding partner of the Danish jewelry company, Pandora Jewelry USA, Michael set out to make Pandora Jewelry a household name in North America and leading brand in the American jewelry market.

In addition to his professional career, Michael’s personal life was just as rewarding when he marries Charlene – the love of his life and together they have two children.

Michael is born with a competitive spirit and a passion for sports – whether the game was badminton, football, golf or the sport of business.

As an entrepreneur this mindset has been one of his most powerful assets and we are proud to preserve this ability to turn passions into success.

Charlene & Michael

Charlene Lund Petersen

Michael Lund Petersen

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Purpose & passion

We have a goal of diversifying our investments as widely as possible. We want to create a diversified portfolio where we invest in entrepreneurs, real estate, funds and the capital market.