Restaurant Aure

The new faces of danish gastronomy

Denmark has fostered a talented generation of chefs and gastronomic entrepreneurs who are putting our country on the world map. Historically, Denmark has held a strong position on the international gastronomic scene, and Restaurant Aure is the newest and perhaps best example of how one can compete at the top with equal parts hard work, dedication, and great talent.

In 2024, after being open for only 81 days, Restaurant Aure was awarded its first Michelin star, and at the same time, head chef Nicky Arentsen received the prestigious Young Chef Award 2024.

“Restaurant Aure has already achieved receiving a Michelin star, and Nicky has been named Young Chef 2024 in record time – something that is almost unthinkable even on an international scale in just 81 days. It commands immense respect, and that’s why I want to support Aure, so they continue to be in the gastronomic super league and make Denmark one of the most creative and inspiring countries to visit,”

says Michael Lund Petersen

Polar Bear x Aure

For Polar Bear, it is crucial in our investments to support entrepreneurs who have the ability, courage, and vision to do something extraordinary. Emma and Nicky, the couple behind Restaurant Aure, are role models in how to combine talent and the ability to create a sustainable business and workplace in a short time, where talented chefs and waitstaff can hone their skills.

From the start, they have been 100% self-financed, but with Polar Bear as co-owners, the restaurant has the opportunity to enhance the guest experience and ambitions in the short term – and in the longer term, set their sights on the second Michelin star.


Restaurant Aure
Krudtløbsvej 8,
1439 Copenhagen K