Our Locations

As a participant in a diversified portfolio of funds, we aim to be a part of a larger, global ecosystem encompassing a wide range of different sectors, geographical regions, and investment philosophies.

USA – Advent Latin America LP, Bain Capital, Foundation Capital, Alto Glynn Capital, Spur Venture V & Spur Capital IV. England – Atomico V, CVC, Pemberton & RCM Direct Lending. Australien – Allegro III & Anchorage III. New Zealand – MBK IV. India – Ascent IV, InvAscent III & Kedaara II. China – MBK IV. Japan – CLSA Sunrise III, CLSA Sunrise IV, J-Star III, Globis V & Globis VI. Singapore – NEPE I. Indonesia – Falcon House II. Vietnam – Vietnam IG III. South Korea – VIG III & MBK IV. The Philippines – Sierra Madre I