Polar bear


We invest across various sectors with care – aiming for positive impacts while recognizing the complexities of the investment landscape. Our investment approach is centered on capital preservation, with a belief that it’s achievable while endorsing companies dedicated to enhancing and better practices. This commitment to improvement and learning is a key part of our journey, ensuring financial stability and responsible growth.


Direct investments


The latest investment is in the Michelin restaurant Aure in Copenhagen. Head chef, Nicky Arentsen, and Manager, Emma Nørbygaard, have received the Michelin star after only 81 days.



Global Insights

As a participant in a diversified portfolio of funds, we aim to be a part of a larger, global ecosystem encompassing a wide range of different sectors, geographical regions, and investment philosophies.

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Real Estate

When two worlds creates 'hygge'

With roots in both the American and Danish culture, Charlene and Michael combine the best of both worlds in their real estate investment projects, where authentic “hygge” is a recurring theme.

Charlene’s interior design company, Cashmere Interior, is the creative engine that transforms their binational background into well-appointed and inviting homes that reflect a passion for Nordic design aesthetics and American pragmatism.


The capital market

Steps for generations

In investment, as in life, it’s not necessarily the climax or top of the pyramid that matters the most. What is decisive is the solid foundation that we build along the way.

We want to create solid steps for our children and their children through our investment strategy, where the goal is to manage the balance of return and risk.