Investment philosophy

polar bear

All investments take their starting point in capital preservation. This should be ensured through risk management, transparency and diversification in both geography and asset classes.

The family additionally wishes for the investments to meet both business and ethical standards. With regard to the business requirements, investments are sought in asset classes, industries or companies that appear healthy in terms of management, operation, finance and ethics.

In regard to the requirements, the family focuses on investments in assets that have a sympathetic purpose and prioritize and feel responsible for the nature and climate around us.

It is an advantage – but not a requirement – that the investments meet both criteria.

Our investments are distributed according to the principles of a simple investment pyramid where the top and smallest allocation includes high risk, and the bottom, widest part is comprised of low-risk investments.

The top typically consists of early stage investments in entrepreneurship and venture capital. Polar Bear wants to support and collaborate with people who are passionate and working to build solid, healthy businesses that may even become market leaders in their field.

We have a broad exposure to venture capital funds and private equity funds, with geographical spread, that are managed by managers with extensive experience and documented results behind them.

The largest allocation typically takes place directly in the capital market through, for example, stocks and various types of bonds based on a conservative assessment and focus on diversification.

We are aware of the many types of financial risks such as market, currency, liquidity and credit risk. We believe that a combination tight risk management and broad diversification is the best approach to preserving capital while achieving stable and risk-adjusted results.

Polar Bear has a strict policy of only investing in one asset and requires that the all-in fee be paid to its asset managers.

This ensures transparency. This ensures that we are able to rest easy knowing our investments are safe, sound, and cost-effective.